why ptc?

@sarath49 (762)
June 12, 2010 7:49pm CST
ptc is paid to click sites that pays you when your inimum payout is met but it is low earning sites that pays you cents to earn. then why people go for it. why many people are still clicking ads on these sites just for few cents all day long just for wasting time and investing on these sites to rent referrals for who never click ads and never been online except for first date of renting them, it just waste of time and money. i think gtp is like that only for few cents paying sites. i see more than millions of people still lokking for such sites and some are members of over 20 sies or over than that, but they are also loosing their eye sight siiting at home an loosing their health and cause many problems like back ache, wrist injury and so on but still i find people still keep on clicking. why? can anyone explain. i think its easy money they are looking for and want to earn as much as they can before they die but what when dead all money lost and thats it. so why clicking. going out to do work will help to earn money and help make many friends. while sitting at home will create disaster. but this will be ok for housewifes who dont go out for work and want to help their husband to earn some money. but this si due effecting students for making money business where they want to make money to buy books that they cant afford and i am one of the stucked person that want to do that. so anyone know how did it works well if you want to spend less time and earn more otherthan in old days if student did not had money they ususally go out for work but now they are finding it diffifcult because of such huge population in india. this paopulation has its advantages and disadvantages too.
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