have you been hurt that u wished you dont wanna feel anything?

@zsarhea (302)
June 12, 2010 8:04pm CST
I have this feeling lately of being in a long distance relationship and more often than not i always feel lonely and sad...its like being on a time when you want to hold,kiss or even just touch someone but you cant..its really hard right?Me and my Boyfriend met online and after just a week of chatting he visited me here stayed here for 10days...then when he needs to go home (for work)thats hardest part because i know that he doesnt wanna leave yet...then just yesterday we had this copnversation that made us cry because we miss each other..then i hurt him by saying " i wish i didnt met you so we're not dealing this pain" and he's like" are u regretting the time that you met me" i said no but it'll be easier to love someone who can be beside me whenever i feel sad and lonely or whenever i miss him..we ended the conversation with me saying maybe we should sleep,lets talk about it next time. Honestly i am thinking of calling the relationship off...i dont wanna be unfair to both of us because i know if we'll stay in a relationship we're just stopping ourselves from finding the right one...then when one of us cant hold on to the relationship anymore then someone might cheat or something because we're far...so i really wish i dont feel anything so it'll be easier to decide...how bout you?dont wanna feel the pain too?or anyone there can share their stories and suggest something?
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@besthope44 (12145)
• India
3 Aug 10
Well missing them, when we are far away due to work thats the way i get hurt.
• Malaysia
16 Jun 10
The two of you love each other too much that made you miss each other badly. may be because it was your first meeting and spending time together made the both of you feeling that pain. Why end when you know it is good...don't you think it is quite sad when you found someone to love and love you in return but decided to stop just because your not prepare to face this. Come on give love a chance to grow...good luck.