Anabolic diet/Metabolic Diet

United States
June 13, 2010 12:32am CST
Has anyone ever heard of the Anabolic Diet/Metabolic diet? If not google it. This is a diet curtailed to those that want to lose body fat, but want to maintain strength and muscle mass. If you know any thing about what is going on with your body when you diet you will know that muscle is lost along with body fat with a quickness depending on what you are doing to lose the weight. Now I am not a professional, and I haven't been to school for any of this but is one of my deep passions and in the military i train students to be fit, for survival situations and rescue situations. While depoloyed to iraq i got curious and I am a firm fan of crossfit, but i was looking around on there site and read a forum about a man close to three hundred pounds that learned about this diet. Now he gave us play by play nearly everyday on what his body was doing and on his weight loss. I was hooked, i read it everyday. Now the diet isn't for the weak after reading his forum i downloaded the book "Anabolic Diet" and read about it, then googled it looked for reviews and others because i was a bit nervous to start it. I convinced myself i am going to jump right in and after the first week i was hating my life as i new it, it was like a hurricane was inside my body and i was in hell. Now that may scare some people but I swear by this diet/way of life! Once your body makes the metabolic shift from burning carbs to burning fats for energy, you world is a much better place. Long story shortened..... First two weeks i lost 12 lbs, i felt lousy for almost the first month off and on. After the first two weeks, my energy was up, I was hungry at the right times of the day, and i steadily lost 1 to two lbs a week for the next two months. It was absolutely life changing. No in iraq the food selection wasn't all that great so i was limited on the good stuff to eat but i did my best, only cheated a few times and I cam home at a weight i was proud of. I lost nearly 30 lbs, and iwasn't realativly that big, i weight 196 when i started. Now for the results in the gym, i didn't notice on muscle because i was doing crossfit, and i didn't max or lift too heavy, but my energy was out the roof. i would wake up in the morning at 3 and be wide awake even if i had to go to bed late the night before. Now sorry to bore you if you are interested in any more information i will be happy to talk people through this. Like i said before this diet isn't for the weak, or weak minded. It takes a lot of discipline. There is a reason why this diet isn't advertised and I perosnally thing it is wrong. In my opinion is becaue it wouldn't make any money. Thanks for reading, This is a life changing experience "what man is a man who doesn't try to make the world a better place?"
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@BART78 (2932)
• Canada
10 Dec 10
like you Justin i'm into fitness, when i comes do diet i put my discipline to it, yup! i heard several times the anabolic diet by Dr. Mauro DiPasquale, i think the reason why this diet very controversial is because of high fat and protein diet, i myself didn't believe this until such time my body gets in plateau with different diet i used, i was desperate, so give this a try this anabolic diet (high good fat & protein but low in carbs diet) and hell yeah my body was shock and results is i lose fat while i add another pounds of muscle without using roids...
@besthope44 (12145)
• India
24 Jul 10
Thanks for the information, this is good one of life changing experience.
@kaka10 (180)
• South Africa
22 Jul 10
I love body work and I know diet is key,where can I donwload the book to read I have been trying to get in shape not that I am in a bad condition I just want to cut and get definition in my abs. My body is very responsive I have been training and in the last week my body has improved it is just my core that is the problem.