2010 World Cup, matches played so far

June 13, 2010 5:32pm CST
It's been three days since the 2010 world cup started and 8 matches have been played so far. One thing i noticed is that the goals have not been coming that easily. Does this means all the countries are really prepared? that no country can be seen as an underdog? One match of particular interest to me is the one between England and USA. England had a goal very early in the match and right there and then it was almost certain that it's going to be an easy victory over USA. However, USA proved that they are not intimidated with England's star-studded side (even David Beckham was on the field, obviously to support his country and maybe intimidate the Americans). As much as I like how things are going, I'm also eager to start seeing some goals- isn't it supposed to be a World Cup? Hopefully, after the first set of matches in the first round are played, goals will start coming. Or maybe not
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