Sandwhich game

United States
June 13, 2010 7:41pm CST
Ok, so check this out, I was sitting at red robin with my family and a good friend of mine and his wife and child. Now things are just fine and dandy, nothing out of the ordinary, I am enjoying my french dip, (it's the best by the way) and out of the blue with out skipping a beat my buddies wife punches his sandwhich into the basket. I looked, and then looked away because there was no reaction from My buddy at all except s smile and nod. and His wife just wiped her had off with a napkin and kept eating. A few moments go by and i don't say anything, he finally says, "I bet you want to know what that was about" I told him not really because i aint going anywhere near my wifes well anyways I guess they made up this game that if you are eating a sandwhich/burger/wrap, whatever and you leave it unshielded it gets punched. Now a shield could be anything that is not already part of the sandwhich. like a french fry. as long as the sandwhich has been bitten into, and it lies on the plate, it is free game to knock it's buns off, as long as it's not sheilded. I just got the biggest kick out of that. Now Rule number one if you know about the game, you are suseptable to getting your sandwhich knocked out.... Enjoy life one day at a time..or one lunch at a time, you never know when it's your last sandwhich to get knocked out! Thanks Justin
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@xeroeight (1061)
• Philippines
14 Jun 10
In beaten do you mean that the sandwich was trow away? well I think with my class mate we also have such a thing like that but I think its not a game its just natural for us LOL the only difference is when you left your food unattended assume it its already eaten and pretend nothing happen to that food.
• United States
14 Jun 10
lol, thats funny, yeah that's natural for my brother and I, In the aspect, she punched his sandwhich and then kept eating without even skipping a beat, and all he did was try to piece the mush together, of what was left of his sandwhich and he continued eating. It was quite funny. and it seemed natural for them, and it was really entertaining.