Football vs Basketball

June 13, 2010 8:35pm CST
Here in the Philippines were are not interested ni the sport football. Maybe only 5% watch the World Cup 2010 in cable TV. The talk of the town is always the NBA finals. As filipinos have an average height of 5'5" our sport is should be football becuase it not requires height. But good news to me that the homeless football team of the Philippines end in semi final.
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@adhyz82 (36262)
• Indonesia
14 Jun 10
hm..i know that basket ball is most favourite in the country.but baskettball can not change the position of soccer as the most favourite sports in this world. even for USA who always admire nascar, basketball and rugby as an idol and try to make popular their sports but now they realize that only soccer (football) can become a world sports.
• Philippines
14 Jun 10
Maybe because football is not given much attention in our country. In my experience alone, basketball had been taught to us in school (yes, even for girls) since grade school, but football was only introduced to us when we were in third year high school (I am of course only speaking about my experience from school). Regarding availability of World Cup on TV, there were replays on regular channels before, but then, some only shows the highlights of the games, and normally shown at the same time of PBA (if my memory serves me right, I was able to watch Brazil when I was in grade school at Channel 9). But with the last standing of Philippines (yes, we made it to the semis), I guess, we are starting to increase the sports we are good at, we just need to give ample time, and good place to play for our team, who knows, we can get beyond the semi finals in few years time.