Scam, it means something different in myLot

@bryanwmc (1052)
June 14, 2010 7:32am CST
can somebody please enlightened me as to the real meaning of the word SCAM when the word is used here in myLot,it seems to carry a different meaning in comparison to the rest of the internet.I see it being used so often to describe all kinds of dissatisfied online users that i really dont know for sure what they mean when they say scam,it is being bandied about so much that it is not really clear to me whether they were cheated or duped in some way or they are not happy because of late payment or they have some unresolved issue with some sites. Its like just cry SCAM...! whenever they are not happy about a site. I always thought it was a pretty straightforward meaning,to scam is to cheat, but judging by the way the word is being so loosely used here in myLOt,i am not so sure anymore.
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• Philippines
14 Jun 10
oh yeah, i have read that word in MyLot a lot. when i was first starting with mylot, i got kind of disheartened because i felt that this site is really a scam. but i gave it a shot and realized that it is as legit as it can be. one mismanaged word lead me to apprehension. good thing i stumbled upon nice topics and that lead me to read and join in more. and i realized that a lot of mylotters would use the word scam if there are problems with payments and all. for inconvenience like that, for the lack of words, they just say it is scam.
@bryanwmc (1052)
• Malaysia
14 Jun 10
Ya, this site or that site hasnt paid me yet,so its a scam,so and so article site has only credited me me 1 or 2 cents after i submitted so many articles,therefore its a scam,a certain affiliate site despite promising to pay comissions ,and give me income for life till now havent gotten a single downline and i have been a member for sooo long,it must be a scam. and the list goes on and on..
@laratri (254)
• India
15 Jun 10
hello... I have read that word in MyLot a lot. when i was first starting with mylot. This site is really a scam.
• United States
14 Jun 10
im new so i guess I will just have to see! I hope Mylot is not a scam! I wouldnt want to wast me time!