Its Math your worst nightmare?????

Puerto Rico
June 14, 2010 4:41pm CST
I'm a teacher. But this doesn't mean that I love all the signatures. Math have been always my nightmare. I'm always ask to myself if is the fact that I don't like it that makes it my weak point or it is a headache for real because I'm not too good in the area??? How about you?
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• Philippines
17 Jun 10
Math is not my worst nightmare, it is the teacher who is teaching math. I usually don't have a problem when It comes to the subject, but the teacher is somewhat different from the rest of the faculty.
• Philippines
15 Jul 10
How odd..I had a teacher like that too. She is very strict in assignments, seatworks and quizzes. She's a math teacher too. No erasures, there is also a format where you also have a number assigned. No blue inks. No pencils. All the convenience are not allowed. She also requires a ruler for making graphs. And what's worst is that there are seatworks that she said was 'easy' that she forbids calculator and it were around thirty questions with a time limit of half an hour. None of us had a passing grade that time, that's why it marked my memory. The terror she gave us.When the first time I met her, I told myself, "there are teachers that exists to make students' life the worst..she is the proof". She was my trigonometry and calculus teacher. Good thing she's my high school teacher and not college because I'm running for dean's list and based from my experience with her, I bet she'd give the only grade that will not pass dean's list requisite. Anyway, thanks to her I've learnt accuracy and neatness in paperworks and being prepared for tons of pop quizzes and recitations. She is THE nightmare. Is it possible your teacher's surname starts with V? Might it be a coincidence beecause I'm a Filipino from University of Perpetual Help System Dalta, LPC. Hope you'd response to my post ^_^
@sallyj (1228)
• United States
15 Jun 10
I was a math major in high school and then accounting in community college. I helped my husband in his college algebra (the grafting calculator gave me trouble) but that was what was easy for him. My niece and nephew some times call when they are stumped. I really enjoyed algebra, geometry and trigonometry. Isn't it fun to find our differences.
• United States
1 Jul 10
Wow I have never met or heard about someone that like Algebra and Geometry. My teachers have always told me that if you like algebra they you would hate geomety. I think that is just very interesting that you like and excell in both of them.
• India
27 Jul 10
Learning is always fun if taken in the right spirit. And, math is the most important and interesting subject to learn. However, students nowadays try to avoid it. They get afraid of the subject. I think they can take help of a tutor to get out of this math phobia. They can ask their parents or school teachers for help. Otherwise, can take advantage of a good math tutoring site like
• Philippines
15 Jul 10
I had trouble in math when I was in grade school because my brother loved to teach advanced algebra when I was in just around ten. So I thought "I can't believe math is this hard. It's a nightmare". Fortunately, everything my brother taught I've learned through in high school. Maybe big bro just wanted to make me advanced to show off to my classmates, but his plan didn't work out because I only learned it thoroughly in high school. Anyway, I'm not that scared as before but I had my trauma (if you knew his methods of teaching you would understand) so I'm very cautious about studying math. To fight that fear and weakness I took a college course that requires math. I took up accounting and boy is it fun to tackle those weaknesses. Now I'm loving it. Try looking for an opportunity to "love math" it will refresh your perspectives.
• Turkey
7 Jul 10
It is also a nightmare for me. I really hate it. I'm a literature student in a regular university but in university entrance exam if i had more math questions, i would have been studying in my dream university now.
• India
19 Jun 10
Hi, I love math. But I never liked my math teachers. I used to study myself. Almost everything that I've learned are basically self-taught. I had a website called self-leanrers, which was made to help engineering students in learning stuffs without any help from anybody. I had troubles educating me. I faced many hurdles, so my efforts were to make things easier for students like me. Each and every little thing I learned, anything that amazed me, I put it in my blog. Math is definitely one of them. Its is quite impossible to master computing without having a profound knowledge in mathematics, especially higher algebra. Thanks God bless you
@knicnax (2234)
• Philippines
16 Jun 10
I really love math, however, math doesn't love me. Math manifested its hate for me way back 2nd grade. I have a hard time solving math problems, especially algebra. I guess I'm really slow at it. I guess it's also because I'm not very confident when I'm solving problems.