Do dreamcatchers work?

United States
June 14, 2010 6:24pm CST
When I was a girl my mother always was buying these horrible hanging things calleed dreamcatcatchers.. I never like them personaly but she always told me they would work! I never had any bad dreams when one was in my room... So I believed they worked! Do you think they do or that its all in your head???
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@xeroeight (1061)
• Philippines
14 Jun 10
I also never thought that dream catcher work, but I had this experience when I have one of that thing in my room I never had a nightmare but when I throw it away since its too old, broken and too dirty. I started again to have nightmares. I really don't know the use of this dream catcher thing does it only catch nightmare so we can't dream about it or its just all coincidence?. Do you have more experience in using this dream catcher thing? have you take some experiment on it like a month sleeping without it and a month sleeping with it on your bed?. I think I should try that and buy one again if you notice some difference on your dream with and without dream catcher are you going to share it again here in mylot?. Well I hope your going to share it so I am not the only one who can prove that this dream catcher thing is for real.
• United States
14 Jun 10
I sure will post my experience! I am going to buy one and try it out! But Im thinking its all in our heads!
• United States
15 Jun 10
My family is Native American Indians on my moms side of the family and they have always lived around pow wow's and reservations and what not so I was always given dream catchers as a kid. I honestly think they work but on a spiritual realm much like how people think a cross keeps away evil. Whether it does or doesn't does not matter. What matters is if you believe in it. It could be a plastic bag, but as long as you believe it keeps bad dreams away, more than likely you won't have bad dreams. Its a tool we use to subconsciously keep away bad thoughts. The idea of protection lets us sleep soundly at night. I am not a skeptic at all. I believe psychology and science help us understand things much better these days than in old days. There are certain things that still have yet to explain or have been deemed unexplained but its all a matter of faith. No matter what you believe in, it works because you believe in it. And that's all a miracle really is =] Happy lotting! -Wickedspies