Latest episode and manga(english version)

June 14, 2010 8:13pm CST
Manga Shipuuden 498: Naruto meets his mother after releasing the seal to control the kuubi. This series updates every week during thursdays for the english version. Shipuuden Episode 164: If your not a fan for reading, episode 164 is the latest this week and naruto is now a sage that's better than Jaraiya. He battles pain alone and has now matured in fighting, great battle.
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24 Jul 10
I've read the latest manga and it showed how the 4th hokage loved his family and konoha. It's kinda saddening that he has to sacrifice himself to seal the kyuubi.
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7 Aug 10
NARUTO is living up his father's name in the latest episode mangga 505! the YELLOW FLASH! woohoooh... its getting more exciting... love the trill, hes gonna be the ultimate ninja... Sasuke will be no match. heheh
@ritchel (890)
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26 Jun 10
Yes, I've watched the latest episode. It's 166th now, Hinata defended Naruto and it also features her love for Naruto. Just love the two of them. I am a fan of Hinaru. I hope they will really end up together.
• Philippines
29 Jun 10
Yes, I have watched it too. I regularly check for updates for the episodes and download them but for mangga, I was very disappointed aS there were no updates and I was very excited to know naruto's mother's secret... haaaaaay... hopefully this thursday they would have too updates for mangga and the episodes.. THre are a lot of questions for this series: Will it be Kabuto who will be the ultimate villin? Will naruto be able to team up with sasuke again? What power did Uchiha Itachi gave naruto? Is Madara really alive or is it his illusion? What is naruto's parents past? What is the kyuubi's source of hatred, and was the kyuubi originally good? What is narutos sercet powers now that we know that her mother had a special chakra? .... haaaaaay.. will this series ever end? hahah