Will Google Go After Apple Now?

@dark_joev (3043)
United States
June 14, 2010 9:09pm CST
Okay since I started a post a while back about Google going after Microsoft like no one has before and actually doing it well and Microsoft seems to have been weakend by this full on attack Google was launching by going into Microsoft to gain as much power on the internet as possible also by ensuring that Android has stayed in the hearts and minds of many people by having marketing that is simple and to the point. Since then Apple has gained a higher market value than Microsoft. So the question becomes will go now turn on a friend of theres and start to go after Apple so that they could maybe gain the huge share of the profits with Google to be rumored to be releasing Android for the Desktop/Laptop/Netbook market could they be going after Apple for the number 3 spot even though there Operating System would be lumped in with the rest of Linux out there. Does Google see it self as being bigger than Microsoft and even Apple. So will Google try to take on Both Apple and Microsoft or will they continue to attack Microsoft and let Apple gain on there efforts. That can't be cheap for Google.
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