difference of microwaved chicken and turboed chicken

@Ritchelle (3797)
June 15, 2010 1:17am CST
i know how the latter tastes and looks. just fabulous. i wouldn't have chicken any other way except if it is kfc or a spicy ordinary chicken. i've never had a microwaved chicken and knowing how powerful the radiation of a microwave is am wondering if a microwaved chicken is the same as a chicken cooked in a turbo.
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@knicnax (2234)
• Philippines
15 Jun 10
turboed chicken is the same as broiled chicken. You get a roasted-type chicken out of broiling it, whereas using the microwave will zap the chicken off it's juiciness. Since water and a lot liquids evaporate a very high temperatures, putting the chicken in the microwave will quickly evaporate it of it's liquids, whereas broiling has the slow cooking, making the chicken "sweat" but still maintain the juiciness of the meat
@Ritchelle (3797)
• Philippines
16 Jun 10
very nice answer. thanks .