Math or Science?

June 15, 2010 4:45am CST
I am good in both but I love science more than math. Math is an exact science and its origin is actually science. But I love Math because it is very interesting! Also, I am better in Math (in school) than in science subject. Dunno why but science is still my favorite! ^_^ What are your views regarding the two subjects?
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• Pakistan
15 Jun 10
ofcourse i like math because i dont have to read it by my mouth as it get tired after sometime i only have to write it for prepare myself for test,exams,etc
21 Jun 10
i also use to think the same and chose mathematics and i found that it is ttally different at highr levels
• India
28 Jul 10
I go for science because in science we can learn lots of things about human,animal and plants.So I am very interested to learn science i feel very much interested topics like reproductive system in this chapter I am always busy asking questions and even throwing questions to my teacher.Studding science is very important.
• Japan
16 Jun 10
Well the description of science is anything with one truth or that's how I like to put it. So, basically mathematics is just a branch of science. In my opinion math is like more of the number type of science and if your good with numbers it is easier to exceed. I personally like math class better than science because I am much quicker at using numbers and variables, but they are more or less the same
@kharlav (1672)
• Philippines
15 Jun 10
I love math, I just love using logic and not being able to memorize so many things unlike science. In math, I dont have to memorize so many things, only formulas, and i get to think logically. No matter how I try and study hard, I always get low grades in science. BUt I have good grades in math. I can easily understand it.
• Philippines
15 Jun 10
You've mention that Math is an exact Science, so Math is part of Science. If you love math, then you also love science. As for me, I'd rather go for Science, because Science has more disciplines than Math. Science is much more broader than Math thus giving you the chance to learn more.