What would you say if someone said that your head looks like a hamburger ?

Hong Kong
June 15, 2010 4:50am CST
It was so nice to enjoy hamburger once awhile .Although it is not a healthy food but still,it really taste good .There are many different kinds of hamburger in the world today.Macdonald,Wendy,Burger King,etc.you name it.You can enjoy this food almoct everywhere in this world.A coke or something cool and enjoy it with a French Fries,wow Yummy.But what hapen if one day there is a guy said your head just looks like a hamburger.What would you say and how would you response?Will you just get mad or will you just keep on laughingShare with us.
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• Romania
16 Jun 10
hmm i would have kick his a.s.s and sayd that he is a foodaholic :P
• South Korea
16 Jun 10
lol i never encounter that situation eversince but maybe i will told him like..ohhh does it makes you wanting to eat me?hahahahaha...
@RobtheRock (2485)
• United States
15 Jun 10
When I was a kid it happened all the time. I had an uncle who used to call me "Big Head!" People talked about my head, feet, and ears so it means nothing now. So if somebody told me my head looks like a hamburger, I would tell them their head looks like a hot potato or whatever their head looks like. Alien head, drum head, cube head, speaker head, ...; there are all types of shapes.
@donbiz84 (81)
• Indonesia
15 Jun 10
If someone said that my head is look like a hamburger I just laughing and let they talk like that or maybe I can said some words that I was not eat that junk food again LOL
15 Jun 10
Depends who said it! If it was a friend messing around, I'd laugh and say well your lehs look like hot dogs. If it was a random person and they were saying it in a derogotary way, I'd smack them lol