Are you in favor of Double income no kids?

Guangzhou, China
June 15, 2010 4:50am CST
Hi my friends, have you seen a Chinese word "DINK",which just means that "Double Income NO Kids". has become so popular now. Why so many Double Income No Kids family? Does the people now just live a comfortable life with others?What leads to this life style now? Are you in favor of this life ? Please share your opinions here. Thank you so much in advance!
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15 Jun 10
Some people don't want children and i dont think its fair to label them as anything- good bad wrong right. There could be a physical reason they don't have children (i.e. they cannot physically conceive), or they could just have decided betweent ehmselves as a couple that they don't want a baby- they feel they wouldnt be good parents, they would prefer to persue a career, or maybe even want to be "older" when they have kids. My mum was 45 when she had my brother- and there are a lot of women who want to hve a career before they have their children. Other people don't want them because they don't like children! I know a lot of people who think the thought of having a baby to look after makes them want to be sick. Thats their choice though. I think people are responsible though who don't have kids until they can afford them, there are too many young people these days getting pregnant young, out of relationships, or in relationships which aren't sound, and they end up unable to care for them properly and on benefits for the rest of their lives.
• Guangzhou, China
17 Jun 10
Yeah, just be the life that they really want may do a lot help to their confortable life. But if they think about their kids, I think they must come some into consideration.