How should society deal with Autistic children?

June 15, 2010 4:58am CST
hi to al mylotters according to me there is no such thing as normal.Variety is something to celebrate , not something to be afraid of! Variety this universe are the same.Diversity is universal..."
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• Janesville, Wisconsin
17 Jun 10
I agree with you wholeheartedly! Our society tends to want to make people with autism, or other health or mental health disorders. .as a reason to segregate lock up and shut them away from society.. when they can contribute and have contributed quite a bit to society.. Instead of locking away those who are different, they should learn from them, and also open doors to adding more roles to society that allow these people to function well and live in their own normal catagories within society... I have a few relatives with autism, bipolar, and schizoeffective disorder.. I myself deal with depression, as well as am a lightning strike survivor.. . So people want to throw labels at me and others and then shut the door and not give us a time a day...Assuming because my relatives have a disorder that i must have the same disorder... I do not have those disorders but one disorder i do have does involved dissociation at times, but it does not involved delusions or losing touch with reality.