Some men need to sit on the pave!!!

June 15, 2010 10:24am CST
Ok can someone explain to me why a man would continuously criticize his wife, compliments his girlfriends and is always crazy about some half naked woman he sees wiggling her body on TV? I mean this wife is one of the old timers in that she takes care of the home in its entirety even though she works. The man can't even prepare his own lunch and yet he continuously criticize this woman. If she is on the phone too long its a row, if she doesn't say anything when he comes in its a row, the woman prepares his breakfast and put it on the table at 7, goes to church and comes back at 1pm only to have him show her his breakfast and start a quarrel because it now has ants in it. COME ON if he had eaten it when he was supposed to it wouldn't have ants would it? You know if she hadn't prepared anything that would have been another quarrel. I say he should be sitting on the pave!!!!!
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• Portugal
12 Jul 10
well if this woman is you you do so much for your husband. he should do something for you also. you dont have the obligation to prepare his breakfast neither he has the right to criticize you all the time he is too lucky to even have a woman that takes his stupid things. you should talk with him and tell him to change his attitude or he might lose you. try to say this. for sure he will be a bit scared and he might change his attitude towards you. he must also make some effort and not just judge you all the time. that way how can you be happy with him? please talk with him and say how you feel^^
@reckon21 (3487)
• Philippines
20 Jun 10
I am still single and have not entered the life of a married guy. While reading your post it narrates the story about a responsible and hardworking wife who had a stupid husband whose only joys in life is to criticize his wife. I can see that the wife is hurting inside because of the husband lacks of being grateful for what the wife has done for him. If he compliments his girlfriends and always crazy with some half naked women in tv and cruel to his wife then certainly he is no longer happy with his wife. He now consider his wife as house slave. I think that particular husband is a big mistake for the wife. her life will be better with out him.
@hanuma34 (821)
• India
15 Jun 10
Could not have said better. He seems to be critical of everything she does. A word in favor of the man too. The woman cannot be very mechanical in doing chores. The bond has to be emotional too. The woman has to get over the feeling that the man is belittling her in other's presence, and attempt to make the man realise her assets.
@praty77 (63)
• India
15 Jun 10
Well.. Some men are just dogs ! I really have nothing else to say here.. Your discussion has made everything clear already ! Some men are like this... Men are confused, they don't know what they want. And once they know, they run after it ! And then when they get it, its a big achievement ! You know what I feel, women shouldn't totally give what men want, then men will never think about anything or anyone else... I never knew I could say soo much against men, I being one of em... But still HE SHOULD BE SITTING ON A PAVE ! Take care friend... mail the guy this discussion if you can !