PS Move VS. Xbox 360s Kinect

PS Move - Here is an image of the Playstation Move. It is composed of the Main controller (The one with the bulb), and the subcontroller. The PS EyeToy camera track the motion of the bulb, and along with the accelerometers (one in the main controller and one in the subctroller), the PS Move can detect move in the X Y and Z planes. This allows for motion tracking in a way that has never been done before.
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June 15, 2010 11:21am CST
Lately there has been plenty of debate over which will be better: PS Move or the Kinect? Yesterday the Microsoft press conference showed what the Kinect can do, and Ubisoft showed the games it plans to launch for it. However, the Sony press conference is today, and it will show what the PS Move has in store what its capabilities are. Both have advantages The Kinect has gotten rid of controllers and it allows you to do everything with just its camera and your body. This allows for better fitness games and other family gaming options The PS Move has kept controllers and added the bulb on its main controller which allows for the PS EyeToy to track the movement more accurately than the Wii which uses only accelerometers to do so. However there are cons too! The Kinect doesn't allow for too much Hardcore Gaming (such as Shooters) since there are no controllers or buttons, so creating games in which there are only body movements will be much more complex The PS Move is seen as a Wii rip off by many, and since it uses controllers with accelerators. then not everything is perfect when it comes to motion sensing. So what do you think? My choice: PS Move
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17 Jun 10
Ideally, the PS Move is the better option, because it has more accurate tracking than the Kinect, which can make all the difference, especially in FPS games. However, the freedom that Kinect offers (Dance Central looks amazing :D ) makes it a very appealing option. If I had the choice, I would probably get the Kinect, but I have a PS3 already, so I'll most probably end up buying the Move for Call of Duty
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17 Jun 10
Yea, I agree, I think playing an FPS with Kinect would be uncomfortable and inaccurate (I saw the guy doing boxing at E3 during the press conference and it wasn't really that perfect). But like you said, the freedom that kinect adds is definitely a plus. The dancing like you said, and the fitness (especially for the kickboxing) are the ones that I would really like to try out. I'm a ps3 owner too, and definitely don't plan on buying a 360 so I'll be getting a move for Christmas :P Add me if you want: hellsfire532