Do you write for ?? How much you can earn on each month?

June 15, 2010 5:22pm CST
I start my online writing career not long time ago. I would like to know if online writing can really help us make money. Do you write for How much you can earn through it on average each month?
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15 Jun 10
I personally do not have any experience of writing on this website but I have read a lot of reviews on it before and it sounds like it really does vary on what you tend to write about. I have a friend who is making around £50 a month on the site so I know that I should really be looking in to it but I don't know if I can be doing with all the hassle of having to go on it regularly as I prefer online things that I can just pick up whenever I feel like it.
• United States
2 Jul 10
I write for Helium, and actually, it is something you can just pick up whenever you feel like. You write when you feel like it, and don't when you don't. Of course, you earn better when you write more often, but it's something that you only have to do when you want to.