have you ever had ectopic pregnancy?

June 15, 2010 6:11pm CST
my daughter, Kezziah, was turning four and i was praying for a second child, a boy if possible... then came November 23 (my grandfather's 91st birthday), a huge flood overwhelmed us -- reached knee-deep inside our house and about waist-high on the streets.. i had my menstruation (or so i thought)... however, the menstruation went on and on until december... so on december 21 i went to my OB-GYNE for a check-up. she advised to have D and C because i "might have had a miscarriage"... i spent a few hours that night in the operating room. three days later i was discharged (dec 24) and spent Christmas with my family... three days later (dec 27), we were preparing for church when suddenly there was a stabbing pain in my abdomen. my first reaction was that it was a recurrence of peptic ulcer. so i went to bed i laid down. the pain kept getting worse until about 4pm, my husband insisted that we go to the hospital. after shots and shots of pain reliever, and the pain was still getting even worse, the doctor (internal medicine -- because i thought i had a recurrence of peptic ulcer) told me that it didn't looked like peptic ulcer so she referred me to a surgeon who did a lot of x-rays and transvaginal ultrasound. at almost 1AM, they saw the fetus inside my rupture right fallopian tube... then they referred me back to my OB-GYNE who was out of town...so they called in another OB-GYNE who refused the referral but later on decided to see me at around 3AM. upon seeing my condition, she ordered me immediately to the operating room.. i woke up from the general anestheasia at around 11AM, december 28 with a low pulse and a blood pressure of 80/50. God gave me another shot at life...
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@soraya452 (127)
17 Sep 12
Yes I've had one but luckily mine dealt with itself. Me and my partner are going to try again soon and hopefully this time things will work out. An ectopic pregnancy is a really horrible thing to go through and I wouldn't wish it on anyone. I'm sorry for your loss and wish you the best of luck in the future.