? aLL abOut mE aNd mY fIrsT LOve ?

June 16, 2010 4:13am CST
I'm human.Made of fLesh aNd bLoOd.aNd sO i dO hAve a mUscuLaR OrgAn tHat ciRcuLaTes tHe bLoOd,tHat bEats jUst Like yOurs.aNd iT fEeLs inLove tOo.? The firsT mAn i feLL iNLove wiTh,TaugHt mE iT's rEaL meAninG.I sAw tHe kiNdneSs aNd sOftnEss Of hiS bEing iN hiS eYes. He iS rEaLLy One Of A kiNd! He fOught fOr mE iN EveRywAy And sEcUreD mE wiTh hiS eVerLasTinG LovE. He mAde mE OnE Of hiS LifE. He sTayEd bEsiDe mE aLL tHrOugh tHesE yEaRs tHat i FaiLed aNd mEssEd Up wiTh my LiFe. EveRytiMe i LosE mY fiGht iN tHis jOurnEy Of LifE, wiTh aRms wiDe OpEn. he iS aLwayS tHere wAiting fOr me. He iS mY aNgeL?. See hOw LucKy i Am? A dEviL LikE mE hAs aN aNgeL tOo! And wHenEveR i Am hEaLed by hiS LovE aNd rEady tO cOntinuE tO sTriVe mY enThusiAsm, hE sEts fReE Of mE, fOr mE tO eXpLOre LifE OuTsiDe hiS Love. But i jUsT hAve LeArnEd hOw mUch hiS Love iS UniqUe fRom tHe rEst. It's nOthiNg cOmpaRes?. He gAve mE hUg wHeneVer i AsKed hiM tO sTay,fOr mE tO bE oK. He gAve mE mOre tHough hE hAs nOthinG Left. He gAve mE a LifeTimE gUarAntEe Of hiS LoVe.? He gives mE tHe bEst. And fOr tHat, hE wiLL bE fOreVer aDmiRed by mE. My exiStenCe mAde hiS wiFe EnviOuS.And i OnCe feLt sO gUiLty fOr tHat. But i witnEsSed hOw mUch hE cRavEd aNd LoveD hiS wiFe, iT gAve mE rELievEd. And sO i AdOrE hiM mOrE!? I cOnsiDer him tHe bEst tEacHer Of my Life. He tAUghT mE tO fOrgivE tHougH i'm sTiLL aChinG?. He tAughT mE tO bE stOneD wHiLe cOntiNue LOvinG?. To bE HumbLe wHiLe fLyiNg?. The bEst tHing hE tAught mE wAs tO Live AftEr gRavinG?. I LeaRnEd iT tHrOugh hiS wOrdS aNd aCtiOns. ?I LEaRnEd a Lot fROm my fiRsT LOve. Oh! He iS nOt jUst mY fiRst Love, hE iS my bEsTfRienD tOo! My fiNanCeR aNd my pRotEctOr aSidE fROm GOd. But wHat mAkEs mE sO pRouD Of him aBoVe aLL tHeSe iS tHat hE iS my dAd! Yes,hE iS mY fAtHer! HAPPY FATHER'S DAY DAD!!! YOU ARE THE BEST! IM SO PROUD TO BE YOUR DAUGHTER. .
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@Theresaaiza (10484)
• Australia
16 Jun 10
Hi, I never claimed myself to be a jejebuster, but honestly, your post would have been appreciated more if you wrote it normally? We do commit some capitalization mistakes but not this one, no, you did this on purpose, and although it adds some sort of beauty to it, it's either not too friendly to the eyes, or it takes some time to get used to it. I would rather have skipped it but I needed to drop by and be honest. Well, I did read the last line, though and yes, you are lucky to have a father like your dad. We should all cherish our loved ones!