Parents are requested to sneak into your child Cell Phone..?

@siliguri (4224)
June 16, 2010 5:23am CST
Means..There are many teenagers who keeps some nude video in their cell phone..which led them in wrong way..So parents has the duty to check it out whether his/her children not having such dirty things..and safe their child in going wrong way..hope you will take it seriously..thanks..
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• Malaysia
17 Jun 10
if i had little kids and they had cell phones, i'll have to make sure that they don't have anything like that in their phones.. it would be my responsibility to make sure that they grow up decently. and when they're mature enough and want to have things like that in their phone, then go ahead..
@yresh12 (3222)
• Philippines
16 Jun 10
It won't be a problem if they don't give there children phones which don't have video capacity on it. They can just provide them ordinary phones. Their child has the right to privacy and they should give it to them.
16 Jun 10
I don't think so. If parents are like that, that would only make us children feel uncomfortable with them. My mom don't do that and I always feel a trust and gratefulness on her. Sneaking to our cell phones is not a good idea. Just talk to us cuz that's better.