Hawaii is begging for tourist, great deal alert!

United States
June 16, 2010 2:52pm CST
So, if you make some research on the trip to Hawaii, you might find some great deal, probably a package or something like that. Rumor has said it, Since last year, Hawaii suffered greatly from the tourist business. During their peak time, the hotels have too many empty rooms. Some airlines even gone busted out of business, like Honolulu airline. So, shop around you might find some good deal during this summer, if you looking for a vacation. airgorilla.com; mobissimo; or kayak, you can get more information from those websites.
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@hanizah (256)
17 Jun 10
Wow..That is a great information...thank you
• United States
17 Jun 10
So, you would take a chance to see it yourself in Hawaii?
@Transformed (1262)
• United States
21 Jun 10
It is interesting to think that Hawaii is having problems attracting tourists. Hawaii has historically been a place that many people who are seeking a vacation go to, precisely because of its warm weather and unique location. Hawaii may be having a problem attracting tourists because of any number of reasons, some people are living more frugally in these times.
@marguicha (106141)
• Chile
18 Jun 10
Hawaii sounds a beautiful place to go. Unfortunatly, even those "unexpensive" deals are very expensive for me as I live in south America. I would have to fly to California first, I suppose, and then take another plane to Hawaii. We chileans have a beautiful island in the Pacific Ocean too, but it is also very expensive for us to get there. Rapanui (Easter Island) is one of my dreams that have not come true. YET! Happy posting!
@breisa (165)
• New Zealand
17 Jun 10
There are so many reasons why I couldn't do that. 1. Classes had just resumed. 2. I don't have a passport. But if given the chance to travel there, I'd love to go! I heard that there are lots of great beaches there! :)
@gloryacam (5543)
• Philippines
17 Jun 10
Hawaii!!! I would like to go there, too. I hope the great deals extend till next year. I think a lot of countries now are offering low prices. The tourism business is greatly affected by the recession felt by most countries. Here in Asia, there are a lot of affordable deals, too.