Military relationship travel question!!!

United States
June 16, 2010 7:52pm CST
Here is the deal, i am 17 years old, thinking about joining the marines, My girlfriend is open to the idea of letting me go.. (We are in a serious relationship) After boot camp and my schooling, if we got married, would she be able to travel with me and live with me where ever i am stationed? I realize she couldn't come with me overseas but could she travel with me if we're married, if so.. Do you have to be married or could you be engaged?
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• Portugal
12 Jul 10
maybe you need to be married with her^^ i dont know but try to ask someone that was in the marines before^^ and for sure he will tell you^^ but if she cant live with you thats a complicated situation for your relationship :( how will you do then? anyway maybe she can live near the place where your boat is or maybe you will have to give up your career then bcs for what i know when you work on a boat your wife cant be there with you. thats why marines life is a bit hard bcs they are always away from their family. at least i have a friend that is a sailor and he is always in that boat away from his family just he has like two monthes of vacations :( but anyway try to ask someone from the marines^^ they can answer you better
@xasasa (323)
• United States
17 Jun 10
If you are married she can go anywhere with you that is an accompanied tour/assignment and the military will cover the cost of the move and transportation. If you are not married she can still follow you but you will be responsible to pay for her share of the move and transportation. You also may have to live in the barracks/dorms while you are unmarried.
@max1950 (2313)
• United States
17 Jun 10
i was in the corp back in the 60's and my girlfriend lived with me off base and it wasnt any problem then, im not sure about now but with what your getting paid you should look into base housing which is a lot cheaper than living off base. and make use of the p.x. you really save a lot of money, but before you sign that piece of paper ask the recruiter about it. and make no doubts about it when you get off that bus your as$ is theirs for 3 months then advanced training, if your going to parris island wait until fall because it gets real hot and sticky in the bush there summer time, so wait until the skeeters are gone cause they'll eat ya up. good man another marine oorah !