Living Being in the Oil?

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June 16, 2010 8:35pm CST
Where was the Oil from the oil Spil coming from? Where was it coming from? Deep in the earth are deep reservois of oil. Deep in the core of the earth are transcendent mineral deposits. As much as can be imagined. Much like deep space carries boundless mysterious both tangible and intanible. Pure oil carries some very starting elements, a certain visciscosity. Mix with a certain sand type form a substance that is very, very unique. This substance was practiced by the alchemist their day. Cloning is an ancient mystery science. This substance of oil and special sand bubbles together to form a special bond with the creator. The oil mixting with this special sand reactivates and reincarnates a special cell of humanoid kind. This special race has always been apart a part of us. We are apart of them. These first beings created the Ancient temples in the forgotten rivers of central Africa, They used the fields of Nascra as their landing pad for their flying vehichles, They used devices and faith to part the red sea. As oil inches closer, up the beaches and through the marshes, as it touches the foood and the cows that eat the food. The substance inches closer. Through the mixture and the waist, it travels. What are ingrediants that make this substance?
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17 Jun 10
i like how you have metamophosized the entire issue of the oil spill. very deep. maybe people still dont know the effects of the spill and a more artistic approach should be utilized
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17 Jun 10
Oil Spill metamorphisis. When pure oil interacts with a certain sand type and is warm in a certain heat it makes a zatup puddle, a needle with a toxic sting. It infects female humanoid species and quickens and modifies their embryotic process. The pure oil, the special sand, an a touch of heat ignite through the body of the female to reincarnate and reintroduce a living vessel of God to live among the sands of time again. As the giants of the flood they populated the new land.Ezelial described their chariots and countless others have seen their miracles. Throughout life they have been whether large in energy or small in effect , they a little lower than angels are a part of us. Zatup are very small they sting very quickly on the hands , feet or legs. The sparkle of Gods sperm drips into the bloodstream. Some say oil is biodegadeable. Its toxins can dispersed and dissipated. There is a combination of elements that can never be dispersed. This combination mended together combines into fibers of creation. Where did the oil from the oil spill come from? Where is the oil leaking from? The Oil is leaking from a deep core in the center of the earth. Rich deposits of nature minerals centered in the core. These reserves had been hidden and unretrieveable for many thousands of years. Where we as humans suppose to plung deep into the bottom of the ocean? Where we suppose to travel deeep, deep into space? Are there things lurking out there among the unknown? When this type of pure oil mixes a certain type of sand and is touch by a certain tempature of heat it generates a small needle like stinger that has a miraculous effect on a human female and helps to repopulate and reawaken the first humanoid creations of God, The Etherions.
• New Zealand
25 Jun 10
Okay lol I geddit now. You're a science-fiction writer! I would fo sho read a book by you.
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5 Jul 10
When God created the Earth he created helpers. These helpers were Giants who came to earth and mixed with the first humans. These humans had special powers. They coulod do special things. Some could read minds. some had super strength but many had the ability to manipulate and work with nature. Some could mold the earth with the sand and wind and create and manipulate matter. Others could could manipulate water and distribute molecules into various shapes and power. Many others were able to introduce fire. The introduction of fire made them seem like Gods and strange humans. Their legacy continues in the ingredients in the pure oil gushing out of the Earth.