Smoking - It Seems I Am So Addicted On It

@julyteen (13259)
Davao, Philippines
June 16, 2010 11:27pm CST
I try to take away this habit specially this time but I don't know what to do. It is my way to take out my stress. To all smokers before what did you do to stop it. I spent alot of bucks with this habit. One reason also that media now don't want any of the brand advertise on TV and newspapers no longer showed this. Health expert always says it's bad for the health, my alot of people continue doing this habit? Youngsters now start smoking at their early age.
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@lelin1123 (15643)
• Puerto Rico
17 Jun 10
I have never smoked thank GOD. My dad smoked for years probably starting at the age of fourteen until he was in his sixty's. He stopped cold turkey twenty years ago after smoking Lucky Strikes, for all those years. My boyfriend stopped smoking nine years ago by going for acupuncture. It worked for him and maybe it will work for you too. Good luck to you.
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• Mexico
17 Jun 10
Hi lelin: Thanks God I have never felt interested on smoking because it's really difficult to stop doing this. My father, my grand father and some of my uncles smoke so I have grown up looking a lot of people smoking but even with that I find it disgusting and bad for my health. Thanks for your answer. Have a nice day. ALVARO
@neildc (17253)
• Lapu-Lapu City, Philippines
24 Jun 10
i have always been a failure quitting this only vice that i have been having for over 20 years. i have tried a lot of times to stop. and the longest time that i do not smoke is 6 months, about 10 years ago. there were times i asked the doctors and dentists, if i really need to stop. they only said, be moderate.
@caliya (1175)
• Philippines
19 Jun 10
I tried smoking a couple of times but I never enjoyed it really. When I was younger I like to look at people who smokes I thought they looked so cool but now that I am aware of the adverse effects of smoking I don't think I will ever try to smoke again and I just hope that I can convinced my boyfriend to quit smoking pretty soon,
• Philippines
19 Jun 10
I had tried smoking a couple of days but I wasn't loving it though it took my stress those times but I stopped it because I don't want to get addicted. I have a friend who have been smoking for 10 years, she started when she was still 15 y/o and she also had a hard time stopping that habit. One time she tried to avoid smoking for 3 days and she really got sick, she was chilling badly. She's really succeeded on that attempt, right now she only smoke occasionally and can hardly finished 1 pack in a month.