Harmonious Hearts

June 17, 2010 12:07am CST
People have the desire to attain peace from the bottom of their hearts."Feeling of Harmony" is the most fundamental factor and it is necessary. If "feeling of harmony is lacking in each individual human heart, no matter a person cherishes the idea of peace or cries loud in appealing for peace, it will just end in mere words. Is it very difficult for people in such instance to achieve harmony amongst one another?
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@xeroeight (1061)
• Philippines
17 Jun 10
Actually I notice that when disaster happen and calamity is on our side people become more helpful and even those bandits are becoming one with each other no terror and crime I think there is possibility on that. Even in Christmas people live for a month harmonious, I hope everyday is Christmas if you choose from the two I know you also choose the Christmas rather than the disaster. I know every one want's that but the only thing to be consider is what is the best way to achieve such peace in life. If you notice those terrorist only want's freedom and the other side also want's freedom but still there is a war, I really can't understand them. Well I said those base on the news I watch when media get the chance to interview those group of terrorist.
@eileenleyva (11332)
• Philippines
17 Jun 10
cac, harmony is something everyone desires in this tumultuous world. I think the older people understand this more than the young ones. The wealthy or rich ones could also achieve harmony easier than the deprived poor. So, the premise is really relative.