Which One is better?? Paypal?,moneybooker?,or Liberty????

June 17, 2010 11:26am CST
I have three of payment system but I still confuse which one is better?? do you can help me to choose one??
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@mimifrap (40)
• Philippines
9 Aug 10
Paypal because it's widely use.
@kori8274 (201)
• Mexico
7 Aug 10
Personally, I think the best one is Paypal. I donĀ“t know so much about moneybooker, but I have a Liberty Reserve account and I can say that it is easier to withdraw my money with Paypal. Paypal is better for me, because I use to buy things on ebay with my money there. I think that both moneybookers and liberty are better if you want to invest money.
@justg26 (17)
• Philippines
17 Jun 10
i only knew of paypal and liberty. in my case paypal is better because i can transfer funds from there to a local bank account that they are affiliated. =) also, i get toxicated when logging at liberty reserve. however, you need to be careful with your paypal account since scammers abound. I've read about a spam email that looks like a legit paypal email but will only ask for credit account numbers and info. but whatever works for you, that will be the better one.
@dark_joev (3043)
• United States
17 Jun 10
I think paypal is better because it is widely used and widely trusted by many people. Online shoppers are more trusting of paypal because it has been around for years and has gained a wide amount of support through its use on ebay and other computer/software sites. Companies like Dell allow you to pay from you paypal account without having to give them your credit or debit card number.
@shaie78 (141)
• Malaysia
17 Jun 10
for me all payment system it better but for easier i using alertpay