snowboarding a transferable skill?

June 17, 2010 1:28pm CST
Hello, I have been snowboarding for a little while now and want to keep an open mind about other winter sports, particularly skiing as I have a relative who is an instructor. For those of you who have mastered these two sports already, do you think I would be able to pick up skiing pretty easily? I broke my wrist badly when I was learning snowboarding and needed an operation but it didnt stop me from going back to slope and gaining the skill (although I still find black runs challenging!).
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• Philippines
3 Jul 10
Well it really depends on you if you still can manage to play this kind of sports even if your wrist is badly injured. I have never experienced those kind of sports but I am as hard headed as you are. I have been injured by an extreme watersport, but it didn't stop me from doing it again. Just be careful though.
3 Jul 10
yeah you are right, I dont mind taking the risk though =) I was just wondering whether learning to ski would be easier that I have the skill of other type of winter sport
• Belgium
24 Jan 11
I think skiing is a bit more difficult to learn, but I'm not sure. Snowboarding is in my blood so don't turn to the dark side bro ;) You can't skip a day snowboarding when you're at a slope, so don't waste your time skiing! No what I mean is that you just have to try it; I think it depends from person to person how quick you pick up something. Your wrist can slow the process down because you will be more care-full. But if you really want to learn it do it as quick as possible, how younger you are how easier. -Milamber