What are you giving your dad for Father's day?

United States
June 17, 2010 2:34pm CST
I want to make something for my dad but I am not sure what. Any ideas??
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@krnavtr (285)
• India
29 Jul 10
I am planning to respect my father,treat him as my brother,go around the city and have fun with him,give him a card and a hugs too.
@will_win (222)
• India
24 Jul 10
Since i don't have father, i will suggest to be a good daughter/son and more important is that you should respect your father and give love and care.These are the things,what they aspect from us.
@bestylish (923)
• Philippines
18 Jun 10
Back then, I usually give my dad a card. Now... I no longer give him anything. Because I know that the cards would only get piled up and he won't throw it awaya since it was given by his only daughter. As a result... it will pile up. A kiss on the cheek and a hug is a great think... I guess. For a girl like me it's okay but for guys... I think it's going to be a bit awkward??? I think for guys... a nice t-shirt will be a great gift. That's just a suggestion. Happy mylotting and Happy Father's Day!!!
18 Jun 10
It's a little bit cliche, but it works. I once made a poster of a cartoon version of him doing his favorite hobby with the words "THE GREATEST DAD IN THE UNIVERSE" and framed it. I waited until it was late into the night of his birthday. I acted normal all through-out, pretending that I forgot to buy him a gift. And just when he was going to bed, I give him the last birthday greeting for the day and present a gift to him. A kiss and a hug and then it was done. Try something creative, something you made yourself and just deliver it in your own unique way.
@cortjo73 (6500)
• United States
17 Jun 10
I have two suggestions. One is a photo album that is actually a book. If you enter "Photo Books" into your favorite search engine you will get some links to websites you can check out. They are actual books with your photos that make it like a book instead of a photo album. I'm not sure if I am explaining that well so, the best I can suggest is that you do an internet search and you will see what I mean. My other suggestion would be to make a memory box. If you go to your local craft store, you can buy an unfinished wooden box. Get some stain to paint on the box and then decorate it however you want to. You can paint it or add little objects with glue. Your local craft store will have all kinds of things you can add to it. If he likes to fish or hunt, golf or do other sports, there will be items (little miniature things like sports, books, fishing, etc...) that you can glue onto the box. Then toss some photos in the box or other precious keepsakes to get him started. Or, he can use it to keep other stuff in. Good luck!