end of summer

June 17, 2010 4:05pm CST
Summer has suppose to have ended already here in the Philippines, however the summer heat can still be felt here most of the time. Plus with the occasional rain, the humid air makes the heat more unbearable. Has anyone noticed that it would seem that summer seems to be getting hotter every year? Is it also getting longer?
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@wiggles18 (2523)
• Canada
17 Jun 10
I live over in Canada, and it seems the opposite over here. Summer weather was supposed to be here last month, but the weather has been acting very, very funny instead. Like, even on a hot day, the skies are no longer clear, there is always a blanket of hazy clouds over the sky, that I haven't seen before. And the rain, it has been raining for about 1 month here, with the occasional day where it doesn't. I think we have got somewhere around 15 inches of rain over just a week. And what is weirder is that on a semi-cloudy day I see these jets go by, and behind them their "contrail" lingers and spreads out, and then it looks like a big hazy cloud a couple of hours later. And then the next day, it is all hazy like that, and it is just raining away. I wonder what is being sprayed from those jets, because one time, there was a giant gap, where the "contrail" ended, and then started up again, and in that gap, thee was a black/grey glow.... Very interesting....
• Philippines
17 Jun 10
hmmm that's interesting indeed. I have never thought of observing what happen to those "contrails" after sometime... It would seem, however, that different parts of the Globe, is going to different extremes of the weather... Thanks for the response