Are You Dating A Player?

United States
June 17, 2010 9:39pm CST
According to an article I read, there are 5 common traits that could tell you if you are dating a player. Luckily, my boyfriend doesn't exhibit any of these traits but maybe you know someone who does. 1) He immediately showers you with compliments. On the first date, he cannot give you enough glowing compliments that make you feel wonderful about yourself and he is very open with his emotions. 2) Non-stop romantic dates/evenings plan. If he seems to always know how to plan the romantic date- like it's out of a movie, it could all be a beautiful performance that he has perfected. 3) He has introduced you to a lot of acquaintances but there are no close friends to meet. 4) He's always looking for the next big thrill. If he's constantly looking for excitement and a challenge, who is to say you're not a challenge yourself. Once he's conquered you, he might grow bored and move on. Now I'm not sure how accurate these traits are, but what do you think? Do these sound like something a player would do? Do you know someone like this?
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• Portugal
15 Jul 10
i dont really know^^ anyway i think player guys are also those that are always talking much about themselves how good they are, how many gfs they had. also that talk too too sweet to all girls you know. what he says to you says to other girls too. a playboy guy. anyway those guys dont interest to noone right? but we never know in the beginning if the guy is a player or not bcs some of them are good in hiding it.
• United States
15 Jul 10
Especially the real good players, they are experts at hiding it until its too late. I guess we just need to keep our eyes open. Thanks for responding. Happy mylotting.