Small Business Owners - Do you do everything yourself?

United States
June 18, 2010 1:02am CST
I recently got laid off and I'm trying to figure out the feasibility of starting my own business. I'm a real type A personality and I would probably want to do everything myself because I think that if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself. This puts me at odds with the idea that great bosses hire people who are smarter than they are. For example, I wouldn't want to hire accountants because I wouldn't trust them and I would want to do my own accounting. And my own research and development. And my own design. Etc. But I know that one person can't do all that. So I reluctantly did some research on companies that provide help to small businesses for things like accounting, or getting a business phone line, etc ( ). It seems like there are some sources out there to help you with that, but I really have a hard time letting go of control. Can any small business owners out there speak to this? Thanks.
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@grkelly (1216)
• Malta
18 Jun 10
First I would considr having a family member help out. If that is not possible you will probably need to hire a worker or two to do the basic routine tasks, such as clerical work, dealing with customers, answering calls etc. It will obviously depend on the type of business you intend to open. In that case it is crucial to make a good shortlisting and selection to have employees who meet yur expectations.