What is it that bothers you most about your partner, if there is any?

June 18, 2010 3:14am CST
My husband is a good man but he is not perfect. One thing that bothers me most about him is he almost always falls asleep while driving at night. He blames his body clock as responsible for this. Because of this, he met a freak accident that wrecked the front passenger seat of our van. Fortunately he was spared and the only worst scenario is that we spent almost 100K of borrowed money to repair the van and we lived like refugees for 4 months since it was our only source of livelihood. What about you?
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• Philippines
19 Jun 10
i'm sorry about your husband's freak accident. I guess there are people whose body clock cannot endure being wide awake during late nights, esp when driving. anyway, i too adore my partner but he has a quirk which really irks me most of the time. You see, i like my bed neat and clean, without any folds or creases when i lie on it. However, my partner has this habit of trampling the bed, even when he's just sitting at the edge, more so when he lies down. More often than not, the bedsheet can be found somewhere in the floor even after a restful and fitful night sleep ( no tussle-jumble between us). I don't know how he does it, but seems his bod is too heavy that he's able to pull free the bedsheet, even just lying down on the bed.
@karen1969 (1788)
18 Jun 10
Oh, that's a bad thing, falling asleep while driving. He should drink caffeine to keep himself awake or stop somewhere safe for a nap!! My husband is lovely too, but also has some faults. He wears odd socks (which annoys me), he makes annoying noises (like russling pieces of paper or taking the plastic labels off Coke bottles), he folds the pages of books back instead of using a bookmark and he is messy, dropping rubbish at the side of the bed!