care to post something for your dad here?

@zsarhea (302)
June 18, 2010 7:47pm CST
I just replied to a posy here about fathers day and i came to an idea of making a post for the fathers out there. If you have anything to say for your father or for your parents please post it here. Here's mine: I am one of the outstanding student since i started going to school (not being boastful or proud of it)but before i graduated college i got pregnant and went up to the stage 3 months pregnant already.My parents is so proud of me because of my achievements but i know i disappoint them because i got pregnant on the wrong time but i havent heard anything bad from them.They were on my side every moment of my pregnancy,specially my father,he will get fresh fruits and buy something for me and for the baby (even if the baby isnt born yet,hehe)almost everyday.He showed the love that i really need (i dont have a husband to be on my side).Now that im working far from them,my daughter is with them and they are taking good care of them,i can see how they love my daughter as much as they love me.They are giving her the love like its their own child,hehe.Just wanna tell you all how lucky,blessed and proud i am to have a great parents that are so understanding and lovable,could never ask for more.Now i promised myself that i wont fail them again.Love you Papa and Mama.Im so thankful to have you both.
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@besthope44 (12145)
• India
14 Aug 10
I would like to say.. I love you dad so much and am happy i fulfilled your dream in making the graduation!!
• India
20 Jun 10
my parents live in a rural place of INDIA and they never bother to learn computers and online .. when My brother was away at CANADA, with his family, I HAVE setup a PC with Internet, and a video camera, and asked a neighbor.. to link to them, via skype of yahoo.. only for a few months they used that. SO, there is no point, other than for my satisfaction, to write a THANKS to my parents. i AM always thankful to them. ..and, love them .. in fact, my love at first sight was.. MY mom.. who else? I SAW her first, and fell in love for ever. and, got in debted too... that is all.