help!! badly need help!!

@zsarhea (302)
June 18, 2010 8:22pm CST
I have someone inviting me to go to austria but i have this problem:I am not working and the schengen application form says i have to put a my work address and what is my work...they are asking for leave of absence,payslips for 6 months for my visa friend already gave the necessaru documents asked from him and he already lodged it in its already been processed after 48 hours,it is only waiting for me to go to the embassy and give my requirements then wait for the visa to be granted,can anyone help me please?thanks in advance..i would treat u a dinner if you can help me,hahaha
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@xeroeight (1061)
• Philippines
19 Jun 10
who invited you? is it a company for safe purpose you should make a research on it that's all I can give to you goodluck.
@zsarhea (302)
• Austria
19 Jun 10
no,its not a company,its actually a friend.he'll shoulder all the expenses..thanks for the reply..
@petersum (4525)
• United States
19 Jun 10
The ONLY requirement for a visa application is to tell the truth! Don't give fake documents, or false information. If you don't have something, just tell the visa officer that you haven't got it, or that it doesn't apply to you. The application is processed by computer in Belgium. The local embassy staff can help you fill the form and suggest alternative documents if needed. They can not grant or deny your visa. Be honest!