virgin gaming website make online gambling legal

United States
June 18, 2010 11:00pm CST
Did anyone heard of this website called According to Federal law, online gambling is illegal. But mogul Richard Branson come up this idea, let people bet on online video game tournament legal. You can bet on $1 to $500. But they only let you maximized your betting limit to $500 per week. For me, that is a lot of money already. I am into gambling, but somehow I definitely against it. So, if someone really want to do something fun, and you do believe your luck, check it out.
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• India
20 Jun 10
I have spent some online dollars, on poker and gambling, some years back.. It is not fun! .. whether it is legal or not, all depends on the law of land. And, so, these webmasters, who host the gambling sites, use all the tricks of hosting. I have heard that one of the PROMOTERS of such a site is now living on a luxury Yacht or cruise ship, in international waters.. just to avoid getting arrested by the FEDS and CIA of United States of America.. it is all in the interpretation of LAW. but, forget about legal, illegal matters. Let us talk something about ETHICAL. .. if it is within reason, .. go ahead!
• United States
20 Jun 10
Wow, you are absolutely against it, don't you. I don't like gambling either, and maybe that is totally wrong. So, if it is against ethical conscience, don't do it. I would advise people not to gamble too. That is all.
• India
21 Jun 10
if you would find some time, to read the scriptures of Hinduism, you will find adequate stories about EMPERORS, WHO turned paupers and, had to be in the forests... just because of gambling habit. .. one had even staked his wife .. and LOST, to his own kin... along with his kingdom. so, I think, if I were any wise, I would not even LOOK at the gambling sites now. thanks for the info. and advise.