I have to honestly say that I prefer Twitter over Facebook now

June 19, 2010 11:36am CST
I only say this because I've heard from my sister, that those annoying game invites you get from friends sometimes? Are generated automatically, even if you haven't been logged in for a while! She noticed this when she asked her godchild why she gets so many invites from him, and he said, "But I haven't been on facebook in 2 weeks..." This annoyed me even more. Facebook forced me to accept their new layouts, even though I've always went directly to the settings to change them back, forced me to add people I only know because they knew my uncle/aunt/cousin/old school chum/ don't directly know them! and then to carry on LONG conversations with the person you don't know personally, because they are GREATLY mistaken as to who you actually are, but to not be rude, YOU GO WITH IT! South Park had an episode, "You have 0 friends" Which I think hit spot on, and I laughed oh so much! Line: "Stan, poke your gramma!" - Randy Twitter? I like this more because twitter is MEANT for people who don't know you, to "follow" you, due to clever and new things you may or may not say. If you're following someone, doesn't mean you have to respond to EVERY little post they do. Currently I'm following Sean Cullens (Canadian comedian), Neil Patrick Harris, Rainn Wilson, Quentin Tarintino, Uma Thurman (The last 2 haven't been quite as active), amoung even more people, be them famous, or just updates from your community. I can also choose how I receive the posts, and between what times to allow it, so it doesn't fill my inbox (be in email or text). Facebook? I have over 400 friends...but delete/block ANY of them, well here comes the pitchforks and torches! I just like the fact that they can't see who, "Blocks all invites from the person/program"...AND NO ONE BETTER MAKE AN APP FOR THIS!
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@Bionicman (3967)
• Czech Republic
19 Jun 10
I can honestly say that I hate both of them equally.
• Canada
20 Jun 10
Really? Why? Have you used both as well?
• United States
4 Oct 10
twitter hands down is awesome for celeb news and news of any kind!! facebook to me is more of an intimate thing such as friends and family.. i like that twitter you just read and move on.. dont have to reply or anything!! and like you i hate that i feel i have to be on fb and talk to everyone or im a bad friend especially when i have so much im doing right now i have NO time for that!!
@megamatt (14327)
• United States
21 Jun 10
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I am on both of the programs. I can take them either way. However, I just tend to be on Twitter a bit more for some reason. However, it just seems something that is more useful for me than Facebook. Not that it has many more uses, but I do not spend all that much time on Twitter or Facebook to begin with. I know people who basically live on either of those websites, especially Facebook. Facebook is basically used just to get reconnected for me. I barely post on it. In fact, I doubt that I ever post on it anymore. I go on there maybe once, twice a week. Sometimes not at all. I can see why people would get addicted to something like Facebook. It is just not a website for me. It is just as simple as that. Twitter just seems to have more uses, as it can really get information out easily and cut out all of the fluff if you use it right.