Women -- troubles of back-ache

June 19, 2010 12:58pm CST
Women at one or other age will suffer with problems of back-ache. As they grow by age, the more will be the troubles. It is very surprising to see a women without back-ache especially in the age group between 30-50. It is immaterial whether she is house-wife or working lady. In the cases of house-wives, it is attained early. The reasons explored for these back-ache, is the stress and strain highly faced by them. It will be due to office works in working lady and due to house-keeping works in a house wife. Added to it, it is erupting due to ill health also. The lady who underwent surgery for uterus removal, the attack of back-ache is indefinite. Therefore, it is better to have preventive suggestion from a Doctor or to practice Yoga with good yoga instructor.
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• India
19 Jun 10
dear meena rajan.. I highly appreciate your information and suggestion. The spinal injection given for performing the surgery, be it for ceasarian delivery, or for hysterectomy --removal of uterus, .. or what ever.. causes a shock in the nerves of the back.. and .. as you rightly said, back-ache is inevitable. But, .. I would say, MOST of the WOMEN neglect their backs, and general health.. and, so the trouble. GOOD healthy food habits, and proper exercise would solve the problem.