how to do

June 20, 2010 4:11am CST
I found myself like a colleague, i would like to see her every day, to see her feel very good that day, if I do not see her, I have not the spirit, I think i like her , but she seems to has friend,and how to do?
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@ahinora (57)
• Bulgaria
20 Jun 10
My friend I think YOU ARE IN LOVE and it is fine. Why don't you ask her for appointment, speak for your feelings.This is way to open your heart for all over the world, take the risk, you'll understand her opinion. It's better to clear everything.
• China
20 Jun 10
She did not notice me,i Worried that she did not agree appointment. and thanks
@praty77 (63)
• India
28 Jun 10
wow ! wonderful feeling, isn't it ? You like this girl buddy. Talk to her, ask for friendship, help her when she needs help, treat her good just like a dear friend. Then you'll know what kind of a person she is. Maybe you just like the way she looks as of now as you don't really know her. You really need to know what kind of a person she is before you ask her to be your girlfriend or anything. Remember, don't judge a book by its cover... PS. I know you'd probably hate me for writing all of the above but really buddy, I've seen people crying just because the one's they "thought" they love came out to be totally different people when the "started to know" them... All the best with your relationship... Oh yeah, and if she has a boyfriend, then let their relationship be. She ain't a trophy to be won. If she's happy with her bf, then you should be happy for her... Take care buddy, have a wonderful day !
@Yan0320 (17)
22 Jun 10
Dear Dear,please don't feel lonely and upset. As a girl I think you'd better tell her all the feelings in your heart, I felt very satisfied when my boyfriend ask me to be his girlfriend, you see we have known each other since 3 years old and became best friend in the middle school.I did't noticed that he liked me for a very long time before he expressed to me and we would lose our love if he did nothing.So be brave and honest, maybe you will get a big surprise! Bless you~~~