How to remove or reduce pimples on the back?..

June 20, 2010 9:44am CST
Anyone here who has any knowledge or suggestion on how to remove or reduce pimples on the back?..Please kindly share any info..Thanks..
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@chuck2 (183)
• Philippines
22 Jun 10
Try to use a "Sulfur soap" or any germicidal bath soap. If symptoms persist consult a doctor.
• Philippines
11 Sep 10
thanks for the tip chuck2.. i'll try your suggestion and see if it will work..
@puccagirl (7316)
• Israel
20 Jun 10
Well, I do not have any personal experience regarding this, but I do know of someone who had this problem, and he said that it really helped him to expose his back to the sun as much as possible, since it dries up pimples. That only works if you are a guy though, I guess... But that is something you could try, if you are a guy and have the opportunity (if you live in a sunny country).
• Philippines
22 Jun 10
Hi puccagirl.. Thanks for the response.. Well, it's worth a try.. Have a nice Day..
@atv818 (1988)
• United Arab Emirates
10 Sep 10
You must have someone to lightly and gently scrub your back with soap and face towel soaked in water. Too harsh might damage your skin even more. Rinse it fully with warm water so that oil and dirt will be washed away. Stay away from the sun. Get more than 8 hours of sleep. Try to avoid perspiration and drink 12 glasses of water everyday to flush out toxins.
@sumit057 (227)
• India
30 Jun 10
something that may be causing it is hair conditioner. Conditioner has tons of oils, so when you put it in your hair, make sure to wash it off your back with soap and water in the shower. also make sure it is throughly dry when you get out of the shower. and when you play sports, maybe try and wipe your sweat away with a warm washcloth and some mild soap.