the last time --- i love you

June 20, 2010 10:16pm CST
we broke up.ok, i must admit, yes, that's bad.but the truth is we did. ok, it's nothing, i'll be fine!! am strong, i have a powerful spirit, i will forget it and be happy again and i'll try to find a new life without you. maybe am not a girl that you want anymore, but i have to say that am so happy when we were together, i ike all of gifts that you gives me, especially the cute spongebob squartpants…… yo knew i like him and then thank god, you big guy like him because of me. i know there r too many reasons, i just thought maybe we can be friends……ok, i'll be fine!! now i have a single life, am just a girl. ok, GO AHEAD sweety DingDing, ur new, colorful, wonderful life is waitting for u!!!so go!!! :)
2 responses
• Portugal
12 Aug 10
ohh ding ding :( you seem very upset and trying to convince yourself that your life will be ok without him isnt? im sorry for what happened and sure you wont forget memories you had with him but for sure you will find a sweet guy that will love you much^^ dont be sad ok? we all have someone for us and before we meet right guy we meet those that hurt us. anyway cheer up^^ life is not to be lived with sadness also there are so so many guyss you will find one that will love you much you will see. or maybe you found already bcs has been two monthes already since you put this topic. how is your situation now?^^
• India
11 Aug 10
You two meet that was faith. You two are not together any more, that is also a faith. Life is short and let it keep going what ever happens in you life. May be another person is waiting for your love that is also faith. Keep going, have fun always these all come and goes. In fact this all do, its your life cycle.