How frequently u travel places?

June 21, 2010 11:54am CST
I love travelling. I have to say that as I am working in a different place and my native is different. My parents are in my native. I travel once in two weeks there. I usually travel to Delhi as my GF is there. Atleast once in two months i travel there. She loves to travel the other month i dont. I also travel to some hill stations at least twice in the year. I hope u do travelling a lot too. Share ur thoughts on ur recent trip and how u enjoyed it a lot.
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@Porcospino (18590)
• Denmark
23 Jun 10
I love travelling. In the weekends or during the summer months I often visit different places in my own country for instanse some of the islands. Some weeks I visited was a small island called Barsoe and I have a very nice time there. It was a very beautiful and peaceful place and I enjoyed exploring the different parts of the island. I didn't get the chance to visit the entire island, but I might go back another time. In the next couple of months on plan on visiting some of the other islands in my country. Some of them are very pretty close to my home. I also love visiting other countrĂ­es and I have had the chance to visit many different European coutries. Last summer my husband and I went to Latvia and Lithuania and we had a great good time there. We spent almost two weeks there and were able to visit many different places.
@maximax8 (28560)
• United Kingdom
23 Jun 10
I am currently on my trip in Canada. I am on Vancouver Island having a great time at the moment. I usually travel overseas at least once a year. Some years I go twice or three times. I travel in my home country different distances very often. I like to travel by train most of all. If it is a long haul journey I have to go by plane. Lastr year I traveled to Cape Town and the Garden Route. Then in the summer of 2009 my baby daughter was born. I was weak after she was born and I needed a trip overseas after that. I planned a trip for June 2010 if I survived. I am happy to say I managed to survive and now I am on my lovely trip.
@se7enthbird (8327)
• Philippines
21 Jun 10
i used to travel frequently too, i am in a band and we used to travel from local places and sometimes abroad. now we still do but not as frequent as before. but its okay i have a wife now and a four year old son that i miss terribly when i am on the road. i would enjoy traveling now if i can bring them with me. well that would be a great vacation for us.