What would you miss most if your best friend disappeared?

United States
June 21, 2010 8:52pm CST
When we moved to Pennsylvania from Florida, I left behind a wonderful friend. She was the only one I could discuss politics with and whether we talked quietly or got into shouting matches, we always parted friends. It was wonderful! When we were keyed up or having bad days, these meetings always cleansed any bad feelings about anything that had happened during the day. She is ill now and we can't have our discussions even over the telephone. With a husband who cannot talk due to a stroke and a daughter who was born with Down's syndrome and cannot hold a conversation, and a daughter-in-law who refuses to talk politics and a son who pays little attention to them, I have no one to vent with and to. The loneliness is terrible. My one wish at this time would be a toss up between having my husband, who was a great debater get well and my friend to do the same. I take care of my husband 24/7 and seldom get out to see neighbors. When they come over, I can barely sit to talk with them because hubby needs help doing everything, so even finding a friend in our new home to chat with poses a problem. The best I have at the moment is MyLot discussions, but those often turn mean, so it is far from what I had with my buddy in Florida. If your best friend disappeared, what would you miss most?
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