Will the soccer plyers of N.Korea be sent to be miners indeed?

June 22, 2010 3:10am CST
Poor soccer players of N.Korea!N.Korea had my sympathy,although I like Portugal team.It is said if N.Korea cannot win the game,they will be sent to be miners.They suffered very tough training before the World Cup.Yesterday,when I saw the score was 0:4,how much I expected the game was over at once or N.Korea goaled in one to console their president and nation.Unfortunately,to everyone's surprise,the game was ended with 0:7 at last.Don't forget:The salary of N.Korea's player is only $1.7 per month.How could they feed up their family,even if the government just supply their own livings? Unimaginable!They had been under big pressure. After the game,will they be sent to be miners indeed? I do care about it.
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@puccagirl (7316)
• Israel
22 Jun 10
I also care, I think it is very scary to think about what might happen to the players, and I really hope they will be okay (I heard that two players from the team are already missing? I hope they just dissappeared on their own in that case!). I think the Portuguese players should have stopped scoring on them after a few goals, because the regime in North Korea will probably see this result as very humiliating. But the real issue is probably that North Korea should not be able to enter the World Cup. With a regime like that, it simply is not safe!
• China
23 Jun 10
Hi,I totally agree with you.N.Korea shouldn't have entered the World Cup,especially under such ridiculous regime.