How many time you get perfect song ?

June 22, 2010 8:52am CST
I have tried to get perfect song, but it is not easy. How you ?
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21 Mar 11
i did 2 times perfect song here in guitar hero II, but what guitar hero you played? because here i practiced 1 month by playing the song jessica and finally i had no mistake. And it was twice perfect, i don't to master it but accidentally i was surprised that i did it no mistakes. this is what i did before making it perfect: 1st pick the song that you love to hear. 2nd play and play as you be an addicted to this song. 3rd just enjoy and play other songs if you didn't get it survive. 4th just play like you did not want to make if perfect and fight to other players like, going to malls and find your opponent or friends, or rent a video game or play station 2 if you don't have PS2. And Finally you must do it without guitar. because me, i did it perfect without the guitar just only PS joystick. what amazing Glory to god never say never. and do not put your self down. that's all i thought this will answer your question and give you some tips about playing guitar hero. there's only one person who defeated me. a LEAD guitarist. and he just played Guitar Hero II in guitar mode just only 2 weeks. its awesome..
23 Feb 11
I try to practice everyday with my guitar hero game! I love guitar hero and Ive played Guitar hero from 1 to 3. I think the reason behind guitar hero's success is that it gives everyone to experience on how to be a rock star!!! Good job guys!!!!
@kori8274 (201)
• Mexico
7 Aug 10
It is never easy, you have to always pay attenttion to never miss a note. I`ve just had perfect song playing some easy songs in hard with the guitar (I´m not so much skilled with the guitar). The only way you will 100% of the times have a perfect song is if you play in Easy.