Why Husbands feel excited and very happy if they found their Wife pregnant?

June 22, 2010 1:51pm CST
Husbands do feel very happy and excited whenever they found out that their wife is pregnant. I noticed this things on every guy especially if they found their wife carrying their first baby. I just want to find out why, because, as for me, there is nothing to be excite about since the baby is not yet born.
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• United States
22 Jun 10
I think it's a guy thing. My husband was very excited when we had our daughter almost 2 years ago. He glowed with me the entire time through my pregnancy even though we were going through difficult times. And, though it was my firstborn, it wasn't his firstborn and he was still ecstatic lol!!
@zralte (4186)
• India
22 Jun 10
I am just surprised at this question. I mean, who would not be excited? You find out that you are going to have a baby, and that you created life? And that life is right now starting? I am assuming you haven't had a baby yet. If you do, you would understand. It is not something that can be explained to others who hasn't experienced it.