Plane Crash

June 22, 2010 3:41pm CST
has anyone ever been a part of a plane crash ?? not a major one obviously but a minor..or a very terrible turbulence ??? i was once involved in a similar kind of turbulence and i had almost literally pissed my was the scariest moment ever in my life..i just cant tell you the feeling.. anyone else ???
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• India
23 Jun 10
I did find myself in a situation, which could have ended up in a plane crash, but fortunately, nothing of the sort happened. My airplane took off from Bhavnagar in Gujarat. I do not remember exactly the airplane belonged to which airline because this happened nearly 17 years ago. Barely 15 minutes later after the plane took off the airplane was losing height. It suddenly took a 'U' turn and headed straight to its point of origin. I do not remember whether pilot made any announcement and within next few minutes, we landed back to the place from where we had started. On arrival, the crew asked us to get off the plane. They directed us to the lounge. There they told us that the airplane had developed a snag. One of its engines had failed. They served us our meals at the airport itself. After waiting for another two hours, they ushered us back to the same aircraft. We boarded the same plane again. Some of the passengers were too scared to board the same plane again. They canceled their flight. My partner too wanted to do the same but I declined. I was confident that since they have looked into the problem, nothing of the sort would happen. After another 45 minutes, we landed back at Mumbai, safely. We thanked God and prayed that this sort of a thing should never ever happen again.