What do men think about Gemini Women?

June 22, 2010 5:40pm CST
Something was said to me the other day that i really didnt understand . I quoete from a guy i was dating " Why cant you be like normal girls who like to shop and meet their boyfriends everyday and be like those other girls that only like flirting and romantic discussions with your boyfriend ." and here is my response " awkward silence , great confusion and no answer." Im a gemini , all my best buds are guys because simply they get me better , or atleast i thought so. Because girls like to talk about shoes , boyfriend trouble and Zac efron or whomever teen girls are hooked up on these days. Guys make jokes , make me smile and the best thing : THEY DONT ASK YOU WHATS WRONG IF YOU ARE A LITTLE DOWN ,ON CONTRARY THEY HELP YOU GET OUT OF THE MOOD. Gemini's arent really romantic people , we dont like expensive gifts and all. The only way for a guy to be sure that he got the gemini to fall in love with him is when shes jealous because i wanna tell you , we rarely get jealous . Even when guys are talkin and maybe flirtin with an attractive female? yes .Even if they call eachother and talk ? yes . Because we dont fall in love with your heart first , we fall in love with your brain. I will briefly explain my relationship with the guy i was dating . We went out like twice a week , every week , for a couple of months . i also see him at school but i dont like being with him all the time because i need my friend time and i respect him being with the guys.We talk on the phone everyday. I like talking with him about the most random things like polotics or one of my latest interests i also like to give hijm space to talk about his hobbies and stuff and all he wants to talk about is loveand romantic things. So I wanna ask what did i do wrong ? tell me about your experiences with geminis . What do you think about them?
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