Do you have any redundant clothes in your closet?

United States
June 22, 2010 6:55pm CST
I think that my sister has too many redundant clothing in her closet that she only wear maybe one or twice? Still, she keep on shopping, and shopping. It seems mall is the her only favorite place to visit during the weekend. No wonder, sometimes, she lack of money, and still want to borrow from mine. I was sicken tired of it. She always want to look good to other people, what is really beauty is not on the artificial appearance. How could I ever make her understand this concept.
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@cher913 (25890)
• Canada
23 Jun 10
our rule of thumb is that if something new comes in, something old goes out. going to the mall like your sister does is a bad habit to get in. maybe you can help her do something else.
• United States
23 Jun 10
She is over 20 some years old, and all she wants to do just to look flashy. That is wrong, and she doesn't have that much money for it. She should know better, or maybe one day she would learn a lesson from it.
• Philippines
2 Jul 10
maybe you can sit down and talk to your sister how you can help her with her being can tell her how it affects both of you.if she says she doesn't have anything to wear,you can ask a stylish friend to help her mix and match her can also assure her that no matter what she wears,she looks's not all about the clothes;it's all about how you carry the clothes.
@suspenseful (40316)
• Canada
28 Jun 10
I think your sister needs a talking to. Tell her she does not need to wear that many clothes, that she can mix and match. it is not about artificial appearance against being modest, it is her not understanding that if she buys a dress, she can wear a top over it and make it like a top and a skirt, she can wear one skirt and have different types of blouses. What happens is if she does that, people will think she bought a new outfit when it is her recycling.
@puccagirl (7316)
• Israel
23 Jun 10
No, I tend to think about what I buy so I don't have this problem, even if there are some pieces in my wardrobe that I have not used for a while. As for your sister, she seems a bit young still, so I think that's why she has these issues, it is something most girls outgrow when they get a bit older and more responsible, so don't worry about it too much!
@juicekodai (1122)
• Philippines
23 Jun 10
i like to style... so i buy one or two clothes if i have the money... but i dont really keep those that i wont use.. when me and my sister lived in same apt, she hated it everytime a buy a new pair of shoes or clothes.. that is every pay day.. i didnt bring most of my clothes when i moved in her apt, so i had to invest again... i buy clothes from my own money and i buy clothes i know i would be using... if you sister wants to borrow money just to buy clothing that she will only be using ones then dont let her.. she might not be able to overcome that...
@qianyun6 (2069)
• China
23 Jun 10
I don't have any. I only have several necessary clothes in my closet, including two clothes and trousers for each season. I think buying a lot of clothes and just keeping them in the closet is a waste of money. Your sister is too immoderate in shopping.